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Yellow Cab of Prince William County
Average rating:  
 45 reviews
 by mbbs from russia
Great Cabs

A fantastic service in the truest sense!

 by John Fowler
Good Service but Scheduling Needs Work
City & State: Quantico, Virginia

Drivers and dispatchers are courteous and professional. However, it is difficult to get prompt service in some locations, even when rides are arranged days in advance. Better communication regarding delays and expected pick-up times would be beneficial.

 by Melissa Moffitt
Better than a Limo Service!
City & State: Woodbridge, VA

I had to take my car to the body shop last week and called for a cab with Yellow Cab. For reference, my house is in Lake Ridge, the body shop down Rt. 1 off Featherstone Rd. My driver (Mr. Scott Beltethon, taxi #58) was there waiting for me at the shop before I even arrived to drop off my car. Then drove me back to my house, taking the most efficient route.

Mr. Beltethon was such a super nice fellow that I called him specifically to pick me up when my car was ready one week later (today). I had to come from work and was taking the train, which of course happened to painfully slow...but he waited so patiently for me until I arrived. I immensely appreciated his understanding! He again took the most efficient route (given that it was now rush hour). I marveled at the back roads that he knew to get off the clogged main drags at rush hour. He dropped me off at the body shop...and then went above and beyond the call of duty and took an extra moment to make 100% sure that I had my car in hand and was good to go. That extra moment of consideration was priceless.

I received stellar service from Yellow Cab, even better than some expensive limousine services. Mr. Beltethon's patience and consideration are what world-class customer service is made of. I would call Yellow Cab again in a heartbeat.

 by Carol Evans
Rely On Yellow Cab of PW
City & State: Google Reviewer

Relied on Yellow Cab of PW County for rides to and from a wedding. They arrived on time, drivers were friendly, price was what was expected. Definitely recommend their service.

 by Jared Legesse
City & State: Google Reviewer

I Been using them recently and always get my ride quick. The phone operator is excellent.

 by Heather Masters
City & State: Local Guide Reviewer

My driver Mr. Sterling was kind, enjoyable to talk to and returned to my home when I over paid an extra $20. We enjoyed our trip!

 by Pat Reed
Consistently Reliable
City & State: Manassas, VA

This cab company is great. I have been using them for years and always find the dispatchers and drivers friendly. The drivers arrive promptly as scheduled and I always feel safe in the cabs.

 by Jessica Szerszynski
Very Clean Cars
City & State: Google Reviewer

Very clean cars, professional drivers that are friendly and kind. I've never had a bad experience with this company!!!

 by Jessica Szerszynski
Consistently Great Service
City & State: Google Reviewer

Very clean cars, professional drivers that are friendly and kind. I've never had a bad experience with this company!!!

 by Jonathan Murray
City & State: Google Reviewer

Great staff. Very helpful and friendly

 by Jersson Gomez
Wheelchair accessible
City & State: Google Reviewer

24 hour local and long distance transportation. Even wheelchair accessible.

 by Bryan Reed
Great People
City & State: Google Reviewer

Great people. I still use them over Uber or lyft. They're reliable and show up on time. I use these guys a lot and they're great

 by R T
City & State: Google Reviewer

I've used the service 3 times in the last 6 months all encounters were professional fair and a short wait for my cab.

 by Wia-n-va
I was gratefully pleased!
City & State: Google Reviewer

I have to admit I was quite skeptical after reading reviews. This was my first experience with a cab in a very, very long time. I called and the dispatcher was quite helpful with regard to wait time and questions I had about fares and payment methods. The driver called within 5 minutes to clarify an instuction I gave to them and he was here within minutes after that. He was very attentive to my conversation and very cordial throughout the ride. He did not speed nor ignore the correct way to operate his vehicle. Overall, I was very pleased with the experience and would not hesitate to call and use them again. I guess it has alot to do with what is going on and how busy they are, but I have no issues with giving them a high rating on what I anticipated might be the low time of my day. I was gratefully pleased! I hope some of you have better experiences going forward.

 by Buena Tierra y Algo Mas! Virginia USA
Very Punctual & Polite
City & State: Google Reviewer

I do not know why there are some low star reviews on Google. The drivers are very punctual very polite and their price are good. I glad we have this service .I been using their service for about 2 years .

 by Mitchell Patch
Love The Service!
City & State: Google Reviewer

I loved the service! The operator was easily able to determine where I was being picked up at, and was able to acquire where I was going. Although, I did call when the bars where closing down, so it took awhile for a cab to get to me.

 by Laura K.
Shortest Route
City & State: Google Reviewer

Driver Hammad was very friendly & took shortest route to my house. Excellent taxi driver. Nicest drive imaginable.

 by Danesha Simpson
Luis Garcia
City & State: Woodbridge, VA

I've caught a few cabs here and there, but I've never experienced such extraordinary customer service until today... Mr. Luis Garcia was my driver and he is SO sweet and inspirational. He was very friendly and told me alot about hisself and his life and I felt like I was talking to a close friend or relative because of how open and friendly he was. He kept me entertained the entire cab ride and he gave me a lot of good advice (I'm a high school student) about life and my career path. He is so awesome someone should really give him a raise or something because I've never had any other cab driver connect with me on such an inspirational level.

 by Ms. Pearson
Excellent Customer Service
City & State: Dumfries, Virginia

Basically, I needed a cab today and was provided the upmost service. I had left my phone in one of left my phone in one of your cabs, the manager and her team ensured that I received my phone in sufficient time to implement various transactions. I had already arrived at my destination when I realized that I had left my phone in the cab. When I explained that I was unable to pick the phone up from the office, she ensured that I received the phone in a matter of minutes.

I thank God for such kind/understanding people. You are #1 in customer service/industry. Thank you so much. And have a Merry Christmas. Ms. Pearson

 by Devina Martin
First time cab rider
City & State: Warrenton, VA

I want to take the time to let you know about the experience that I had with one of your drivers. Unfortunately, I cannot even begin to spell the name correctly, but I assume that your records would indicate the driver who handled the service.

I had never taken a cab service before in the State of VA ( I had no need as I have always had a car) until 11/5/15, when I was involved in motor vehicle accident. I was taken to the local hospital and upon discharge, needed to secure a ride home (Warrenton, VA). I phoned the cab company about 20 minutes before I was to be discharged thinking that it would take a long time for the cab to actually show. However, within a matter of minutes I got a phone call from the drive letting me know that he was there. Because I was not yet ready, I was afraid that he would leave and I would have to wait longer for either him to come back or for another cab to come. I was injured and at this point I only wanted to go home and be with my family. The driver let me know that he would not leave and would wait for me ( I still was not sure that he would actually be there then I got outside). To my pleasant surprise, not only was he still there but, when he realized that I was have difficulty, he got out of the car, took my things and helped me to the car.

There was one stop that I needed to make before the ride to Warrenton, as my damaged car was at the salvage yard and I had valuables in the car that I wanted to obtain. I was not sure of the address to the salvage yard, but once I provided the name, the driver located the address on his tablet/ GPS. Once we arrived, he not only helped but actually allowed me to instruct him as to what I needed from the car. When I had to get out of the cab to sign paperwork, he held onto me to ensure that I did not fall (the ground was wet, I had on heels- the only shoes I had at the time, and the ground was just gravel with several pot holes). He was very kind, polite, and a gentleman in ensuring that I did not fall.

As we drove to Warrenton, the conversation that we had was not only a pleasant one but a culturally enlightening one as well. During the drive, I was having some side affects from the medication and the experience I had just gone through and several times he asked me of I was ok. Again, the attention to my well-being was appreciated.

Once we arrived in Warrenton, my husband was able to assist me in getting out of the car and taking the things out but the driver also helped and placed them on my porch.

Again, this is a just my response to the genuine services that was provided to me by your driver. Having not been in this situation before, I was very pleased with the service and more specifically the drive who handled my call on 11/5/15. I am certainly appreciative for his attentiveness, as I realize that he did not have to be so caring.

 by Lori
Read and Article

I wanted to reach out to you and let you know I read the article in Prince William Living about the cab company and you. It was a really good article - I know you've worked hard since you've taken it over and it shows. The fleet on the road would make your Dad proud. Oh, and by the way, you look fabulous! Just wanted to say.....

Take care,

 by Barbara Fisher
Thank you!

Thank you for you help with the new Taxi Cash Card for my daughter Christine, and for my Senior Ride Card. I do appreciate your time and

assistance with regard to my intellectually challenged daughter riding a

taxi on her own to work.

 by Clyde Berkheimer
Thank You !
City & State: Erie, P

Thank You for the excellent & prompt service ! 3 days of back & forth from hotel to hospital to take care of my son ! Even with a computer crash , you still got a driver (Thanks William!) to take care of me ! kudo's and an A+ from me !

 by Darial .
City & State: Woodbridge va

My name is drail , l like # 56 taxi cap driver, he always been on time, pick me up & drop

 by Maria Elena A.
City & State: Woodbridge, VA

4/24/2015 •

Updated review

My job requires me to travel several times each month, so I deal with many cab drivers and companies. Three trips back, I met Bilal (cab #36) and Zia (cab #56), and I can say, without hesitation, that I've never had a better cab experience. The last few times I've come to work to Woodbridge, I have used them multiple times (close to 20), to pick me up/drop me off at the airport, work site, or hotel. They have ALWAYS been on time. Twice this week I was done earlier than planned, and I thought, "wouldn't it be nice if I could leave early," and both times, they were already there waiting for me. I commented to Zia that the foliage was beautiful, and that day, when he picked me up, he took me for a drive to Leesylvania State Park and did not charge me! I cannot say enough about these two gentlemen. They are professional, courteous, prompt, and eager to serve.

Several months ago, I wrote a negative review about this cab company, but that's because I hadn't met Zia or Bilal. When you call Yellow Cab of Prince William County, ask for Zia (cab #56) or Bilal (cab #36). You will not he disappointed.

 by Nigel
they brought me my phone back!!
City & State: Woodbridge, va

Let me start by saying there is no more honest taxi service available anywhere in Virginia or elsewhere. Bold claim right? I had a cab drop me off at the mall today and upon spending several hundred dollars, to my dismay, my phone was not in my pocket. I was sure I left it in the mall. I searched high and wide only to be disappointed and nearly brought to tears over my expensive phone being possibly stolen and my information being taken by strangers. I eventually managed to call myself a taxi, and everything changes. I immediately walk outside for fresh air and see cab 59 promptly pulling up to the front entrance. After telling two strangers his cab was reserved, he allowed me to enter, and immediately asked me if something was wrong. I told him how I lost my phone somewhere between getting out of cab 4, and present. To my disbelief, the man kept asking questions to assist me in remembering where it may be. I then told him I was dropped off in the back of the mall, and he said his friend retrieved a black phone and had been trying to find me. He did everything in his power to then contact his friend and have him immediately drop off the phone. He was even kind enough to not keep the meter running while we waited. I then got my phone and the kind man who drives cab #4 said he was happy I have it again and believe me his facial expression was sincere. I then was dropped off by cab #59 after a safe and pleasant car ride and after good conversation, and I tipped the man for his amazing services. I wish every cab service could be as truthful and trustworthy as yellow cab. God bless yellow cab, see you soon!!

 by Melissa Barrera
City & State: Woodbridge Va

Cab 59 Saidou. Wonderful ride 🙂 thank you so much.

 by Ron Haithcock
Late for work
City & State: Henrico

I used yellow cab through Vocational Rehabilitative services Dept for aging and Rehabilitative services commonwealth of Virginia. The cab was late three times and made me late for work, a job i had newly started. The last time i ended up riding to Ashland because the cab driver said he had another fair to pick up. I could not understand why the cab went to Ashland when i was going to a location within Richmond and was suppose to be at work at 8:30 am. Because this was yet the third time in almost as many weeks that they made me late i requested that Rehabilitative services cancel the next day and any future scheduled pick ups. The Department for aging and rehabilitative services offered to pay for cab services for three more weeks but because of the trip to Ashland i told them to cancel. I will never use yellow cab again.

Please accept my sincere apologies for the delay in responding to your complaint. I am fairly certain that you have reached the wrong Yellow Cab. We service Prince William County and surrounding areas in Northern Virginia. Yellow Cab is usually a small business that is locally owned and operated with each locality being separate. It is not a franchise or large corporate situation. With that being said I still would like to apologize for the service you received. Poor service reflects badly on everyone in the industry. If possible you should reach out to the company by phone and connect with someone that can address your concerns directly. I know that we take our reputation seriously and would expect nothing less from other cab companies. Sincerely, Tammy BeardPresidentIra C Inc. T/A Yellow Cab of Prince WilliamP.O. Box 141Woodbridge, VA 22194703-491-2222 Dispatch Office703-494-8507 Business Office866-325-3688

 by Cynthia C
Excellent Experience
City & State: Philadelphia, PA

I was nervous after reading some Yelp reviews, but I had an excellent experience with this cab company. I was picked up within 10 min. of my call both times, and my drivers both ways seemed to know all the detours and ins and outs of Quantico, Dumfries, and Woodbridge to get me around the terrible traffic in Apr.

 by Martin Nohe
Inovative Practice/Partnership of the Year Award
City & State: Woodbridge, VA

Congratulations on winning the innovative Practice/Partnership of the Year Award, for your nomination for the Prince William Chamber business of the Year Award for businesses with six to fifteen employees, and for your nomination for the Community Outreach Award! This is quite an honor and I am sure that it is well deserved. It is so impressive that your family owned and run business has been able to operated for over 35 years in Prince William County. Your business provides safe travel for everyone, including those with physical disabilities and senior citizens. I am so glad to see that you and your business have been recognized as valuable members of our community. It is businesses like yours that contribute to the fabric of the greater Prince William area. Having reliable, friendly business entities is an important element of maintaining our vibrant community. Sincerely, Martin Nohe, Coles District Supervisor, Prince William Board of County Supervisors

 by Gayle Whitlock
Community Partners
City & State: Prince William

Yellow Cab and the Beard family are great community partners as well.

They have been tremendous supporters of ACTS and several other local organizations.

 by Jonathan Publicover
City & State: Prince William County VA

I am writing in reference to one of your cab drivers Raja. My wife & I have been riding with Raja for over 6 years now. He has always been very punctual & professional. Any time I call he always greets me by my first name & is very reliable. His estimated time is very accurate. In situations where he is unavailable, he has made accommodations in having a fellow coworker pick us up. In our circle of 20 friends, we all are very loyal to Raja & use him as our first person of contact. Thank you for providing great service for so many years!

 by Mary
Good Service
City & State: Haymarket, VA

I called to check on a cab for my husband who has recently had to use a wheelchair. I was glad to learn that this service was available. They only have 4 wheelchair vehicles but they told me they are expanding the service to include two more. They requested that we make a reservation and we didn't the first time so it took a little longer than I expected to get the cab so we will make a reservation in the future. The driver (I think his name was Scott) was very personable and the vehicle was nicer than any other cab I have been in while in Prince William.

 by Karen
Poor Customer Service
City & State: Woodbridge, VA

I reserved a cab on-line for pick-up at the Alexandria train station and I received a confirmation via email. When I arrived at the Alexandria train station there was a yellow cab waiting but the driver directed me to another cab (not a yellow cab). I called dispatch and was told that they did not reserve cabs for train stations. I said I received a confirmation and was told that there is a glitch in the system. I requested a cab and was told that one was on the way. In the meanwhile the yellow cab already at the station who could not take me all of sudden became available to take another fair who looked very different than me. When the next yellow cab arrived, I got in and was off to my destination. On my way ... yellow cab called to say that they were there at the station. The yellow cab that couldn't take me and took someone else was cab # 46. I plan to complain to the City of Alexandria, Prince William county and anyone else I can think of who regulates cabs and monitors businesses.

I sincerely apologize for the response you received from our dispatcher. He should have called you upon receiving the reservation, out of our licensing jurisdiction, and informed you that it would be a difficult trip for a Prince William cab to service and advised you that there would be cabs available at the train station when your train arrived. He also should have informed you that we discourage reservations from train stations not that we "don't take" them. It is hard to know how timely a train, bus or plane will arrive.I am unsure why cab #46 was at the Alexandria Train station but I would assume it was for a prearranged personal trip of which my dispatcher was unaware.I intend to speak with the dispatcher and the driver of #46 in person tomorrow. I will be more than happy to follow up with you after those discussions.Again I am sorry for the frustration you experienced.SincerelyTammy Beard Follow up Company Response: After some investigating this morning I have some answers for you.1. Yellow Cab 46 that you spoke with was not OUR Yellow Cab #46. Our 46 is a van, was the vehicle you saw a van?2. Your call was dispatched and arrived 5 minutes after your reservation time. The vehicle was Prince William Yellow Cab # 53 (a Lincoln Town Car).3. The driver of cab # 53 said that he spoke with you on the phone and you told him, you were already in a cab.4. My dispatcher has been instructed that in the future when he receives a trip OUT OF OUR jurisdiction he is to call the customer and confirm and provide the customer with the cab number that will be dispatched to that job. Prince William Yellow Cabs are Yellow body with a white top. All of our vehicles are painted this way. Yellow Cab is not a franchise nor is it a large corporate structure. Each jurisdiction has its OWN Yellow Cab and almost all of them are small businesses and are not connected in any way. I think that it is possible that you saw and spoke with Alexandria Yellow Cabs. Once again, I sincerely apologize for the confusion and hope that my explanation helps in some way. If I can be of further assistance please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Tammy Beard Reply/Customers Response:Hi Tammy: Thanks so very much for the quick response and for investigating. The vehicle I saw was not a van so it must have been an Alexandria yellow cab. I have also tried to contact Alexandria yellow cab but there seems to be a problem with their website. When the next yellow cab arrived and I approached it, the driver immediately got out to assist with luggage and I just assumed it was the cab that was dispatched. And yes I did speak with another yellow cab driver but I was already on my way home. Thanks for educating me, I did not know that each yellow cab was independently owned and operated. Sincerely,Karen

 by David G.
Airport Transportation
City & State: Woodbridge, VA

I called Yellow Cab to go to the airport and found their service to be wonderful. The driver arrived at the pre-arranged time and helped my wife and I with our bags at the terminal. I used a prepaid card that I purchased from the company that included a senior discount.

 by David G
Airport Service
City & State: Woodbridge, VA

I called Yellow Cab to go to the airport and found their service to be wonderful. The driver arrived at the pre-arranged time and helped my wife and I with our bags at the terminal. I used a prepaid card that I purchased from the company that included a senior discount.

 by Kasi W.
Great Family Run Company
City & State: Manassas, VA

I am so glad to have the pleasure of working with them! If you ever are in need of a ride they are the ones to call. They also participate in Sober Ride which is a wonderful program.

 by Jack and Betty S.
High Fares
City & State: Woodbridge, VA

Ten bucks for two and a half miles. No joke and rude on the phone. Avoid at all costs.

We apologize for the poor customer service you experienced and we are investigating and addressing your concerns. As for the rates, our rates are determined by Prince William County Board of Supervisors. All of our meters are calibrated at least annually by Virginia State Certified Technicians as well as the Prince William County Police Department. Should you wish to discuss this further please feel free to contact our office and one of our managers will be happy to assist you. We take all complaints very seriously and attempt to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

 by doug
cab 92
City & State: Fredericksburg, va

I have always been impressed by the wonderful cab drivers in your employ but I must commend one in particular- cab 92's driver. His cab was clean, he drove well, and was friendly and courteous. He went above and beyond my expectations by far and feel he should be recognized for his work ethic. Thanks again cabbie 92!!!

 by Department For Aging and Rehabilitative Services
Letter of Recommendation
City & State: Manassas, VA

I am writing to recommend the services of Yellow Cab of Prince William County. Our agency provides vocational services and coordinates various other services for individuals with disabilities. We rely on businesses such as Yellow Cab of Prince William County to provide auxillary services. I have had the pleasure of working with Yellow Cab of Prince William County for almost two years. During this two-year period, our agency has arranged a number of cab services and has not experienced a missed trip. The service provided by the staff of Yellow Cab of Prince William County has been exceptional.

Yellow Cab of Prince William County has customized their billing system to accomodate our purchasing regulations. This company provides punctual, friendly, and reliable service to our clients. As a result I am confident in recommending the services of Yellow Cab of Prince William County.

 by John
City & State: Manassas, VA

Clean cabs, courteous helpful services. I depend on taxis for my transportation and can always depend on Yellow Cab of Prince William

 by Pat R
City & State: Manassas, VA

I use this cab company and have always found them to arrive as expected and the cabs are clean! I don't have to worry about the driver not knowing how to get to where I am going because they all have a navigation system. I can also pay the driver with my credit card directly instead of having to give my number to the dispatcher when I call to schedule a ride. Since I switched to this company, I use them exclusively. I've never gone back to that OTHER cab company in the area.

 by Kenneth J.
Business Clients
City & State: Lake Ridge, VA

I am the admin for my company and schedule for taxi rides for visiting clients and traveling employees to their hotel or the airport as well as local restaurants. I have Yellow Cab on speed dial as I can count on their professionalism, clean cabs, and timely arrival with no hassle. I would recommend them to any business for their transportation needs.

 by Susan D.
The Best Around
City & State: Woodbridge, VA

Yellow Cab of Prince William County is the best cab company around! I started riding with them because I found out they are family owned and operated. Any time I have had a problem I have called and talked to the owner or one of the managers and they always take the time to listen. They make me feel like the problem is going to be taken care of. I really wouldn't ride with anyone else. They also offer a senior citizens discount!!!

 by Joanne K
Great people!
City & State: Woodbridge, VA

Love their service. I would highly recommend them if you need transportation either locally or to the airports!!